To prevent theft and criminal acts, LAGUIPRES provides its customers with security service that is operational 24 hours a day.

The guards are the best trained in the business. The Security Guards are trained by our teams of supervisors who are supervised by area coordinators.

The controllers perform at least two visits on each site daily (one day/one night) where LAGUIPRES provides security services.

Before the beginning of our security services, LAGUIPRES conducts an on site study of the place to be secured and this study is followed by recommendations to help our clients better protect themselves.

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 Nongo Contéyah (Commune de Ratoma)in front of theClinique Ophtalmologique Bartimée at approximatly 200 meters of the University Koffi Annan, Conakry, Guinea

(+ 224) 631 72 72 72 – 656 73 73 73

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